instant monitoring solution

Be the first to know how to fix everything!

Deep dive into your database

Is everything OK? Exactly how bad is the problem? What can be done?

Before your users start complaining, you:

  • will get an alert
  • will know how long it's happening
  • will find the possible root cause

OKmeter will also warn you about hidden problems and bottlenecks. alerts - okmeter

Better than old tools

Your beloved old tools — convenient and just as you want them, right? But do they let you see the situation across all servers or back in the past?

1. tail (grep)

What has changed? How was it an hour ago? Did restart help? Is it back to normal already? What else is happening?

status-by-nginx - okmeter

Anyway, you still can have both. Just in case.

Three-in-one SaaS solution

Server Monitoring OKagent — charged and ready to use

  • Knows a lot about Linux and typical problem spots.
  • Won't lose any valuable data if there's no network connection.
  • No need to lurk for plugins or tinker with configs.

Proper metric-storage

  • It will store all metric-data from all your servers.
  • It shows this metrics in near real-time, joining or regrouping them as you want it.
  • Multidimensional metrics allow you to zoom in on a specific timing
    of a particular operation on some bad-behaving server.
  • High availability and reliability — OKmeter stores all data with replication factor 3.

Preset charts and dashboards with automagic triggers

  • Smart dashboards for popular services — engineered with expertise.
    They will show the most important stuff, so you won't miss anything!
  • But we made them aggregated and clear, so you won't drown in data flood either.
  • And it's still customizable, so you can override anything you don't like.
  • New server? Everything is already there on your dashboards: just plug and play.
Zero setup, no maintenance